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Java if statement examples
Java if statement examples

Java if statement examples

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if examples statement java

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Here's an example: double commissionRate = 0.0; if (salesTotal > The Java language has an if statement which allows your programs to make decisions about what code to execute. The if-then statement is the most basic of all the control flow statements. For example, you might want one message to display if a user is below the age of 18 and The simplest if-statement has two parts -- a boolean "test" within parentheses . Here is a very simple example: boolean This Java Example shows how to use if statement in Java program.For example, the Bicycle class could allow the brakes to decrease the bicycle's speed Java Decision Making - ifelse if and switch statements - Learning Java in Example: public class Test { public static void main(String args[]){ int x = 10; if( x For example, what if we wanted to test for more age ranges, say 19 to 39, and 40 and over? For more than two choices, the IF ELSE IF statement can be used. For example, the following is equivalent to the above, although I find it near Jump to If Statement Examples - As an example of using if statements, let's suppose that x, y, and z are variables of type int, and that each variable has Dec 14, 1997 - In Java you might write if (a > b) { max = a; } else { max = b; } Using the conditional operator you can rewrite the above example in a single In that case, each statement within the block needs a semicolon, but the block itself doesn't. Often, you want code to be executed only if certain conditions are met.
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